June 2014 Student of the Month

Our final Student of the Month for the 2013-14 school year is Class 0A student Natividad Nunez.  She was nominated by her teacher for three reasons:

1. She got a higher score on the Best Plus Test.

2. She’s a responsible student.

3. She just got a certificate from the University of the State of New York Education Department for School Attendants and Monitors.

4. She received certification from the New York City Department of Education as a School Bus Escort

5. She received certification in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR from the American Red Cross.

6. She completed a Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint System Training and a Workplace Bloodborne Pathogens Training in May.

7. She got a job as a school bus attendant!

And she’s only been in the United States for 10 months!

Way to go, Natividad!

Watch her read her autobiography below in the video above, then take the quiz to test your comprehension:

My name is Natividad Nunez. I’m from the Dominican Republic. I’m 27 years old.

I’m married. My husband’s name is Franklin Nunez. He’s 39 years old. We have two children, Ezequiel and Cristal Nunez. We live in New York.

My other family lives in the Dominican Republic. My mother’s name is Arelis Perez. My father’s name is Tomas Rodriguez. I have two nieces and two nephews.

In my free time, I like to go shopping and spend time with my family. I like going to the park with my children.

My favorite food is sancocho and my favorite color is green.

In my country, I was a student of Business Administration at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. Next year I will go to the Dominican Republic with my family. I miss my family.


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May 2014 Student of the Month

Our new Student of the Month is Class 2A student Qiu Ying Luo, English name Aileen. Aileen was chosen for three reasons:

1. She got a higher score on her Best Plus Test, which means her English has improved.

2. She has very good attendance.

3. She recently got her U.S. citizenship.

Good job, Aileen!

Watch her teacher, Cliff, interview her above, read her letter of recommendation below, then take the quiz to test your comprehension.

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter as a recommendation for Aileen Luo for the position of receptionist at Trump International Hotel.

I have been Aileen’s supervisor for the last three years, and she has done a marvelous job. She can multitask and she gets things done quickly. Aileen’s skills involve handling phone calls, greeting visitors, and staying organized. She is very effective and I strongly recommend her for this position.

I am confident that Aileen will be a huge asset to your company and promise you will be satisfied.


Aileen Luo



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April 2014 Student of the Month

Everyone say hello to Gilbert Derival. He is our April Student of the Month.

Gilbert is in class E3. He’s a hard worker, both in and out of class. He works as a home health aide and attends English classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at University Settlement.

Recently, Gilbert became a U.S. citizen. Way to go, Gilbert!

Watch his video above, read his writing below, then take the quiz to test your understanding:

Spring Is Coming
Gilbert Derival

Spring is my favorite season among the four seasons. I like the weather in spring. It is not as cold as winter and not as hot as summer.

When it is spring, I can see many beautiful flowers and green leaves on the trees. I like flowers because they make our environment more beautiful and comfortable. I like trees because they can produce fresh air.

During spring, my family and I always go to Central Park to look at flowers. I remember one time I brought my sons there. What they said was, “Here it’s super beautiful!” and “Cool! I like it!”

We often bring food so that we can also enjoy our lunch in a wonderful place. Sometimes we also wake up early in the morning and going running in the park.

Absorbing fresh air in the morning is good for the human body. Starting this spring, every morning I hope to keep breathing fresh air.


And here are videos by the musicians Gilbert mentioned in his interview:

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March 2014 Student of the Month

Our new Student of the Month is Class 4.5 student Suk Yin Chong, also known as Selina. She’s Student of the Month for three reasons:

1.  She’s an active, responsible student.

2.  She got a higher score on her Best Plus Test.

3.  She went to Albany last week to advocate for adult literacy.

Watch the video interview with her above, read some of her writing below, then take the quiz to test your understanding.

Congratulations, Suk Yin!

One Summer

Suk Yin (Selina) Chong

One summer, my father came to New York to visit my family. He lived in Hong Kong and had never traveled to a foreign country.

On his birthday I wanted to bring him to the Empire State Building in Midtown. When we took the subway, he was curious because he had never taken a train that ran underground. Then we went to have pizza for lunch and he enjoyed having American food. Afterwards we shopped in the largest department store in the city. He was so surprised that the store was so big.

At last we arrived at the top of the Empire State Building. He was interested in using the telescope to look in different directions. He said New York City was a wonderful place to visit.

My father and I had a happy day. It was an unforgettable memory for both of us.


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February 2014 Student of the Month

Our February 2014 Student of the Month is weekend student Zu Tang Xu. Zu Tang is our Student of the Month for three reasons:

1. He has perfect attendance – he has not missed a class since September!

2. He has improved his English – he got a higher score on the Best Plus test!

3. He ‘s also enrolled in the CUNY CLIP program – his first step toward getting a degree!

Congratulations, Zu Tang!

Watch the video above, read his short autobiography below, then take the quiz to test your comprehension.

My name is Zu Tang Xu. You can call me Tom. I have been in New York City for ten months. I live in Chinatown now. I live with my family. We live in a small apartment. Even though I am twenty-five years old, I still want to study and improve my English. Not only for myself – I also want to support my family. I want to go to college and then I will get a good job in the future.


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January 2014 Student of the Month

Our first Student of the Month of 2014 is Class 3A, Movie Class, and Computer Class student Yan Wang. Yan was nominated by her Movie Class teacher Janel, who says:

“I nominated Yan because she is a great example of a wonderful student. She’s always on time, she comes to participate, is always excited to be a part of class, does her homework, and always wants to learn more – so I feel that she is a great example for all students to take after.”

Additionally, Yan has never missed a class – she has 100% attendance! And she got a higher score on her speaking test – which means her English is definitely improving.

Watch the video above, read Yan’s favorite recipe, then take the quiz to test your understanding:

Steamed Egg Custard

When I was a little girl, my mom often made steamed egg custard for me. It was delicious and it was my favorite dessert then. Now, I am a mother and I often make it for my son. It is also my son’s favorite dessert. It is as follows:


1. One egg

2. 200 ml  (.85 cups) of milk

3. 1 tsp sugar

4. Ceramic or stainless steel bowl


1. Crack the egg in the bowl and add sugar. Use chopsticks to mix well. Then, add milk into the mixed egg. Mix.

2. Boil an inch of water in a pot. Put a steaming frame in the pot and put the bowl on it. Steam about six minutes with the lid on.

3. Now, you are done. Serve and enjoy.


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December 2013 Student of the Month

Our new Student of the Month is Class 0A student Suleyca Diaz.

Suleyca was chosen as the December 2013 Student of the month because she has not missed any classes so far this school year. She has perfect attendance! 

We also chose Suleyca because, after only three months of class, she went up two levels on the Best Plus test!

She’s only been in the United States for six months. She said that someday she’d like to be a math teacher.

Congratulations, Suleyca!

About Me

Suleyca Diaz

My name is Suleyca Diaz.

I’m from Santiago, the Dominican Republic.

I’m 19 years old.

I’m a student.

I study English at University Settlement.

I drink juice every day.

I like to watch movies.

I like to sleep.

There are five people in my family.

My mother’s name is Amarilis.

My father’s name is Danny.

They live in Brooklyn.

I have two brothers.

Their names are Jean Carlos and Andy.

Jean Carlos works and Andy studies in the high school.

They live in Brooklyn, too.

I don’t have any sisters.

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