January 2014 Student of the Month

Our first Student of the Month of 2014 is Class 3A, Movie Class, and Computer Class student Yan Wang. Yan was nominated by her Movie Class teacher Janel, who says:

“I nominated Yan because she is a great example of a wonderful student. She’s always on time, she comes to participate, is always excited to be a part of class, does her homework, and always wants to learn more – so I feel that she is a great example for all students to take after.”

Additionally, Yan has never missed a class – she has 100% attendance! And she got a higher score on her speaking test – which means her English is definitely improving.

Watch the video above, read Yan’s favorite recipe, then take the quiz to test your understanding:

Steamed Egg Custard

When I was a little girl, my mom often made steamed egg custard for me. It was delicious and it was my favorite dessert then. Now, I am a mother and I often make it for my son. It is also my son’s favorite dessert. It is as follows:


1. One egg

2. 200 ml  (.85 cups) of milk

3. 1 tsp sugar

4. Ceramic or stainless steel bowl


1. Crack the egg in the bowl and add sugar. Use chopsticks to mix well. Then, add milk into the mixed egg. Mix.

2. Boil an inch of water in a pot. Put a steaming frame in the pot and put the bowl on it. Steam about six minutes with the lid on.

3. Now, you are done. Serve and enjoy.


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