For Teachers

Here are a few handy websites for ESOL Teachers, listed according to category. Enjoy:


1.  EL Civics Worksheets

Many handouts and short readings.

2.  Super Teacher Worksheets

A variety of free handouts on English, math, geography, etc.

3.  Lanternfish

Handouts and worksheets, including word searches and crossword puzzles, as well as some lesson ideas.

4.  ESL Galaxy

Good basic-level handouts.

5.  Worksheet Works

Simple worksheets on a variety of topics, including grammar, math, and geography.

6.  English for Everyone

Tons of great worksheets on all aspects of English.

7. The Teacher’s Corner

Printable cloze exercises and crossword puzzles and lots more.


1. Azar Grammar

Great classroom supplements to the Azar Grammar books, including PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, songs, and expansion activities.

2.  OWL Grammar Exercises

A wide variety of grammar exercises.


1.  Quizlet

An excellent vocabulary site: use existing vocab lists from around the world, create your own, make online flashcards and tests and games. Free sign-up.

2.  Vocabulary Spelling City

A great website to help students practice and remember new words. It also has games, video lessons, and teacher resources.


1.  Minnesota Literacy Council

Solid lesson plans and resources for ESL teachers.

2.   Internet TESL Journal 

Many more lessons, activities, and articles for teachers.

3.  ThoughtCo. ESL

An ESL blog with lesson ideas.

4.  A Virtual Library of Lesson Plans

A plethora of great ESL and Civics lessons and handouts from North Carolina.


1.   English Listening Lesson Library Online (ELLLO)

Listening exercises on a variety of topics, with transcripts and quizzes.

2.   StoryCorps

Real-life stories told by real people, accompanied by great animation that aids comprehension.

3.   Educational Opportunity Center Student Stories

Audio and transcripts of immigrants’ own stories.

4.   Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Numerous listening exercises on a variety of topics with accompanying quizzes.


1. ABC Fast Phonics

Simple, basic English pronunciation.

2. Rachel’s English

More advanced pronunciation practice.


1.   Voice of America

Articles, audio, and comprehension activities from Voice of America.

2.   Breaking News English

Advanced-level current events stories with accompanying comprehension and vocab activities.

3.   BBC Learning English

A smorgasbord of online lessons, videos, and games from the BBC.

4.   NY1

A 24-hour news source for New York City.

5. The Times in Plain English

A great online newspaper with news articles and a special New York section.


1.  Northstar Basic Computer Skills

A nice online computer skills assessment.


1.  Queens Library Health Literacy Curriculum

Lesson plans, worksheets, and audio tracks – all about health, medicine, and visiting the doctor.

2.  Healthy Roads Media

Excellent health literacy videos and handouts on a variety of health-related topics in a variety of languages.


1.  NYSED/CUNY CareerKits

A set of industry-specific lessons and activities.

2.   Online Bureau of Job Readiness Resources

Intermediate to advanced work readiness curricula.

3.   Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE & ESOL Classroom

More good work readiness curricula.

4.  Global Talent Bridge

A resource for giving career and educational advice to immigrants with advanced skills and more formal education.


1.   Simple English Wikipedia

A simply-worded encyclopedia.

2.   Money Talks

Picture stories dealing with financial literacy.


Reading, listening, and grammar exercises, plus some good dialogs and links.


Grammar exercises, games, read-alongs, and videos.

5. We Speak NYC

Great New York-based videos, plus study guides and other teaching resources.

6. ESL Holiday Lessons

High-intermediate to advanced reading, listening, vocabulary, and grammar exercises for just about every holiday.

7.  REEPworld

Videos, listening exercises, and life skills activities for beginning and intermediate students focusing on health, family, and work.

8. Multi-Cultural Educational Services

A website with listening, reading, grammar exercises, and many other things.

9. Real English

Great videos and grammar exercises.

10. Easy World of English

Simple grammar, pronunciation, and reading activities.

11.  Ventures Arcade

A great collection of interactive lessons and games that supplement the Ventures textbook series.


1. Smart Exchange

A site with many different types of lessons designed for the Smart Board. Browse by level and subject.