Meet Our New English Conversation Partner!

The University Settlement Adult Literacy Program welcomes our new English Conversation Partner, Alison. She’s going to be calling our students on a regular basis and helping them with their listening and speaking skills. Alison also works at University Settlement’s Houston Street Center. Now let’s hear from Alison herself:

I’m from New York and love living in Astoria, Queens. I’ve worked at University Settlement for 14 years! My favorite thing about my job is meeting the people who come to the Houston Street Center to learn new skills and achieve their goals. When I’m not at work, I enjoy working out, going to concerts & sporting events and spending time with my friends and family. My favorite color is blue and I love Beyonce. I also love the summer time because I love hot weather and going to the beach. I’m very outgoing and social and love meeting new people – so the new role of “Conversation Partner” is really exciting for me. Thank you for practicing your English with me! 

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What Is the Census? [Updated with Spanish!]

College and Career Readiness student Lifen (Stephanie) tells us all about the Census in English and Chinese!:

What is the Census?

      The Census counts every person living in the United States. It only happens every ten years. The census determines : 1. Hundreds of billions in federal funds for public education, health care, affordable housing, infrastructure, and more. 2. The number of seats New York has in Congress.3. How we make important decisions about local policy, emergency services, transportation, healthcare , and more , based on accurate data. That’s why we need all New Yorkers to get counted. If more New Yorkers respond in 2020, we would see more money for our schools, for healthcare, and for the programs and services we rely on every day.

       NEW YORK CITY NEEDS YOU TO GET COUNTED! Please keep in mind that billions of dollars for our hospitals and schools depend on every New Yorker completing the Census. The form will not ask any questions about immigration status, your social security number, or any financial information, and all of your answers are completely confidential. It’s very important to respond to the Census either by phone ( Mandarin: 844-391-2020 Cantonese: 844-398-2020 English: 844-330-2020) or by online as soon as possible. That way you won’t have to worry about a Census Bureau employee knocking on your door.




¿Qué es el censo?

El censo cuenta a todas las personas que viven en los Estados Unidos. Solo sucede cada diez años. El censo determina: 1. Cientos de miles de millones en fondos federales para educación pública, atención médica, vivienda asequible, infraestructura y más. 2. El número de escaños que Nueva York tiene en el Congreso. 3. Cómo tomamos decisiones importantes sobre políticas locales, servicios de emergencia, transporte, atención médica y más, en base a datos precisos. Por eso necesitamos que todos los neoyorquinos sean contados. Si más neoyorquinos responden en 2020, recibiríamos más dinero para nuestras escuelas, para la atención médica y para los programas y servicios en los que confiamos todos los días.

¡LA CIUDAD DE NUEVA YORK NECESITA QUE SEA CONTADO! Tenga en cuenta que miles de millones de dólares para nuestros hospitales y escuelas dependen de que cada neoyorquino complete el censo. El formulario no hará preguntas sobre el estado de inmigración, su número de seguro social o cualquier información financiera, y todas sus respuestas son completamente confidenciales. Es muy importante responder al censo por teléfono (Mandarín: 844-391-2020, Cantonés: 844-398-2020, Español: 844-468-2020 e Inglés: 844-330-2020) o en el sitio web: lo antes posible. De esa manera no tendrá que preocuparse de que un empleado de la Oficina del Censo toque su puerta.

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New York on Pause

Icon showing people in window of building, staying home. Text reads: Stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The Governor’s 10-point NYS on PAUSE plan is as follows:

  1. Effective at 8PM on Sunday, March 22, all non-essential businesses statewide will be closed;
  2. Non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason (e.g. parties, celebrations or other social events) are canceled or postponed at this time;
  3. Any concentration of individuals outside their home must be limited to workers providing essential services and social distancing should be practiced;
  4. When in public individuals must practice social distancing of at least six feet from others;
  5. Businesses and entities that provide other essential services must implement rules that help facilitate social distancing of at least six feet;
  6. Individuals should limit outdoor recreational activities to non-contact and avoid activities where they come in close contact with other people;
  7. Individuals should limit use of public transportation to when absolutely necessary and should limit potential exposure by spacing out at least six feet from other riders;
  8. Sick individuals should not leave their home unless to receive medical care and only after a telehealth visit to determine if leaving the home is in the best interest of their health;
  9. Young people should also practice social distancing and avoid contact with vulnerable populations; and
  10. Use precautionary sanitizer practices such as using isopropyl alcohol wipes.

Matilda’s Law” includes the following rules for vulnerable populations (Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions):

  • Remain indoors;
  • Can go outside for solitary exercise;
  • Pre-screen all visitors and aides by taking their temperature and seeing if person is exhibiting other flu-like symptoms;
  • Do not visit households with multiple people;
  • Wear a mask when in the company of others;
  • To the greatest extent possible, everyone in the presence of vulnerable people should wear a mask;
  • Always stay at least six feet away from individuals; and
  • Do not take public transportation unless urgent and absolutely necessary.

For more information on the coronavirus, click here.

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