Idiom of the Week: In the Same Boat

Meaning: To be in the same situation as someone else; to have a similar problem


I forgot to do my homework. My classmate’s in the same boat – she forgot to do her homework too.

“Looks like you and I are in the same boat,” the stranger said to me when we both missed the train that just left.

He was going to borrow money from his friend, but then he found out his friend was in the same boat – he needed money too.

Pop Quiz:

Your roommate hasn’t paid his rent yet. You’re in the same boat because…

A. you paid your rent.

B. you are going to move.

C. you haven’t paid rent yet either.

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Idiom of the Week: Turn Over a New Leaf

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions and decide to “turn over a new leaf.” Not sure what that means? Read on…

Meaning: To change your behavior for the better.


That’s it – I’m quitting smoking! I’m turning over a new leaf!

A lot of people try to turn over a new leaf when the New Year begins.

She decided to turn over a new leaf and start studying harder.

Pop Quiz:

You might be turning over a new leaf if you…

A.  start exercising more regularly.

B.  totally stop exercising.

C.  continue exercising the same amount you usually do.

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Idiom of the Week: Cold Turkey

Thanksgiving was one week ago today. Have you eaten all your leftovers yet? What about your cold turkey?

Meaning: To suddenly, totally stop a bad habit, usually referring to an addiction, usually expressed as “quit something cold turkey.”


I quit smoking cold turkey ten years ago and I haven’t had a cigarette since.

Some say the best way to quit drinking alcohol is cold turkey, but some say you need to drink less and less or else you’ll get very sick.

That’s it! No more Facebook! I’m quitting cold turkey!

Pop Quiz:

Which is a good example of quitting cold turkey?

A.  To decide to maybe quit drinking beer sometime in the future.

B.  To drink fewer and fewer cans of beer a week until you reach zero.

C.  To totally stop drinking beer right now.

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