Volunteer Work for Older Adults

A lot of our Daytime students volunteered to deliver meals to older adults living in the East Village area and helped prepare for the Thanksgiving lunch and party at the senior center. All the physical and language challenges were nothing to our brave students when they felt happy thinking they were doing something good for the community. Click each picture to make the image bigger!

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New York Public Library Tours

Every year, a lot of our students take a tour of the Seward Park Library to make their NYPL cards and learn how to use the library. Classes 0A, 0P, 1B, and 1C visited the library so far this year and more classes are planned to go there later. We would like to thank Andrew the librarian for collaborating with us and helping our students every year! Feel our students’ excitement from the pictures below!

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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!!

Most of us know that Thanksgiving in the United States is a day or two off of work that we take to have a feast- a huge meal, with our families. Whether or not you’re new to New York, you may also be familiar with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

This annual* parade is on Thanksgiving Day! Many families (including my own) wake up early to watch the parade on TV and wait excitedly for their favorite parade floats, giant balloon characters, and singers to march down 6th avenue. They stop in front of the famous Macy’s Department store on 34th street and usually perform for the crowd that has been eagerly* waiting since the early hours of the morning!

Commencing in 1924, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a nearly 100 year old New York tradition that kicks off the Christmas season. At the end of the parade you may even see a very special Christmas character! 

Make sure you check out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on your cable news network on Thanksgiving morning. Check out some photos of parade floats from as early as the 1920s!

*Eagerly – wanting very much to do or have something, especially something interesting or enjoyable

*Annual – occurring once every year

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Special Activities

Our students enjoy not only their regular English classes but also some special activities.

The first activity we would like to share is “Leave Your Mark on the Map.” In the hallway, there is a big world map on the wall where students can stick a star-shaped sticker to let us know where their hometown or home country is. We get to know each other by doing the activity and talking about where they are from. Our teacher Joe’s classes took time to represent their countries.

The next activity is reading “Students’ Success Stories.” Right next to the world map, we posted some of our previous students’ success stories who advanced either in career or in education. Our teacher Lynne took her students to the wall hoping that her students would dream of being featured there someday.

Sometimes we want to celebrate our classmate’s birthday by throwing a small party. Our W2 and W3 students sang the “Happy Birthday” song in different languages of their native languages and English. The birthday student, Andrei brought some sweets, juice and home-made Mannik to share with his classmates. The following video just captured a few moments of the sweet celebration.

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Veteran’s Day Friday!

What is Veteran’s Day and why do we celebrate it?

I’m sure that you already knew that we have a 3-day weekend coming up, but did you know why?

This Friday, and every year on November 11th, Americans observe Veteran’s Day.

A Veteran, also known as a “Vet”, is a person who has served in the military.

In 1954, this federal holiday was changed from “Armistice” to “Veterans” Day.

  1. Place a small flag on every veteran’s grave. This is an annual tradition for many scout troops. 
  1. If you personally know a veteran, you can thank them for their service! 
  1. If you’re not close to a veteran, write a thank-you card and drop it off at a VA hospital. If you’re not in time for this Veterans Day, that’s fine; a thoughtful card is appreciated any time. 

Enjoy your day off this Friday and remember to thank a Veteran! 

Source: Veterans Day 2022: Veterans Day History, Meaning, and Date | The Old Farmer’s Almanac 

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An Eventful Weekend

Our weekend folks welcomed University Settlement’s Early Head Start staff who visited each class to introduce their programs. They handed out their flyers in different languages and talked about what they do to help parents or grandparents with children under the age of 5.

After that, W3 also welcomed the director of Advocacy who gave citywide participatory budgeting training. The students were able to learn about a lot of new words and talk about what they hope for the city.

Almost at the end of the classes, all the weekend folks went out to enjoy Adobo Festival Block Party to celebrate Filipino American History Month. We got to taste some Filipino culture.

What an eventful weekend!

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