6 & B Garden

On October 13th, Sunday, our W2 students volunteered at 6 & B Garden. After the volunteer work, they enjoyed coffee and mint water prepared by the garden. Thank you so much for hosting us, Barbara!

The students learned about the garden while walking around and listening to Barbara and Michael.

The students raked leaves, swept and picked up garbage on the streets around the garden, and cleaned the kids’ play area by digging the soil with shovels and moving the soil in a wheelbarrow to the pond. They also gathered leaves and sawed and cut tree branches and twigs to compost.


A bee was working hard, too.

Have you ever seen purple peppers? They were so exotic!

Idiom of the Week: That Ship Has Sailed

File:Romanian sailing ship Mircea 1.jpg

Meaning: It’s now too late to do something; an opportunity has been lost.


I was thinking about going to the concert but that ship has sailed. It’s sold out.

He asked her to marry him but she said that ship has sailed. She met someone else.

“Do you still want to go to the beach today?” “No, that ship has sailed. It’s too late now.”


Pop Quiz:

In the idiom “that ship has sailed,” the ship represents…

A.  money.

B.  an opportunity.

C.  the future.

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M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden

A few days ago a few 3A and 3P students volunteered at M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden just around the block. They raked leaves, they shoveled dirt, they planted and watered plants, they fed fish and turtles, and they played bocce ball. Thanks to Park Warden Bob Humber (pictured in the back row left) for hosting us! To learn more about the M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden click here, and enjoy more pictures below:



Open Arts LES

This year is the inaugural year of Open Arts LES!

Celebrate Lower East Side arts and culture October 4-12, through neighborhood-wide open house events!

This is your opportunity to check out 45 participating organizations based from East 14th Street down to the Brooklyn Bridge. Each one is offering a free ‘sampler’ event which include performances, exhibits, tours, workshops, classes, and curator talks. In addition, many are offering special discounts during Open Arts LES.

Explore the world-renowned institutions, vibrant community hubs, and unique small arts organizations that together make up one of the most adventurous and creative neighborhoods in New York City.

Click here to read more.

Idiom of the Week: Heads Up

Idiom of the Week has returned!

Image result for prairie dog peeking

Meaning: To warn someone about something that’s going to happen, usually used with “give someone a heads up.”


We haven’t set the date for the party but I’ll give you a heads up when we decide.

Can you please give me a heads up before you come to visit next time?

She yelled “Heads up!” but it was too late. The ball hit him right in the face.


Pop Quiz:

What other idiom is similar to give someone a heads up?

A.  Out of the blue

B.  Out of left field

C.  Jump the gun

To see the correct answer, click on “Read More.”

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