February 2014 Student of the Month

Our February 2014 Student of the Month is weekend student Zu Tang Xu. Zu Tang is our Student of the Month for three reasons:

1. He has perfect attendance – he has not missed a class since September!

2. He has improved his English – he got a higher score on the Best Plus test!

3. He ‘s also enrolled in the CUNY CLIP program – his first step toward getting a degree!

Congratulations, Zu Tang!

Watch the video above, read his short autobiography below, then take the quiz to test your comprehension.

My name is Zu Tang Xu. You can call me Tom. I have been in New York City for ten months. I live in Chinatown now. I live with my family. We live in a small apartment. Even though I am twenty-five years old, I still want to study and improve my English. Not only for myself – I also want to support my family. I want to go to college and then I will get a good job in the future.


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