March 2014 Student of the Month

Our new Student of the Month is Class 4.5 student Suk Yin Chong, also known as Selina. She’s Student of the Month for three reasons:

1.  She’s an active, responsible student.

2.  She got a higher score on her Best Plus Test.

3.  She went to Albany last week to advocate for adult literacy.

Watch the video interview with her above, read some of her writing below, then take the quiz to test your understanding.

Congratulations, Suk Yin!

One Summer

Suk Yin (Selina) Chong

One summer, my father came to New York to visit my family. He lived in Hong Kong and had never traveled to a foreign country.

On his birthday I wanted to bring him to the Empire State Building in Midtown. When we took the subway, he was curious because he had never taken a train that ran underground. Then we went to have pizza for lunch and he enjoyed having American food. Afterwards we shopped in the largest department store in the city. He was so surprised that the store was so big.

At last we arrived at the top of the Empire State Building. He was interested in using the telescope to look in different directions. He said New York City was a wonderful place to visit.

My father and I had a happy day. It was an unforgettable memory for both of us.


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