December 2013 Student of the Month

Our new Student of the Month is Class 0A student Suleyca Diaz.

Suleyca was chosen as the December 2013 Student of the month because she has not missed any classes so far this school year. She has perfect attendance!ย 

We also chose Suleyca because, after only three months of class, she went up two levels on the Best Plus test!

She’s only been in the United States for six months. She said that someday she’d like to be a math teacher.

Congratulations, Suleyca!

About Me

Suleyca Diaz

My name is Suleyca Diaz.

I’m from Santiago, the Dominican Republic.

I’m 19 years old.

I’m a student.

I study English at University Settlement.

I drink juice every day.

I like to watch movies.

I like to sleep.

There are five people in my family.

My mother’s name is Amarilis.

My father’s name is Danny.

They live in Brooklyn.

I have two brothers.

Their names are Jean Carlos and Andy.

Jean Carlos works and Andy studies in the high school.

They live in Brooklyn, too.

I don’t have any sisters.

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