Idiom of the Week: Give Someone the Cold Shoulder

Meaning: To ignore someone or be unfriendly.


I thought we were friends, but the last time I saw him he gave me the cold shoulder.

“What did you do when you saw your ex-girlfriend?” “I gave her the cold shoulder.”

When someone comes to me for help, I never give them the cold shoulder.

Pop Quiz:

Which one is a good example of giving someone the cold shoulder?

A.  Just saying a few words to an old friend then walking away.

B.  Giving an old friend a big hug.

C.  Lending an old friend your winter coat because they lost theirs.

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The correct answer is A. If you only say a few words to someone, then walk away, you’re basically ignoring them – that is, you’re giving them the cold shoulder. Even if you’re not happy to see an old friend, at least pretend!

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3 thoughts on “Idiom of the Week: Give Someone the Cold Shoulder

  1. I never see sales give me the cold shoulder .They are very polite and answer you
    very nice .Especially people work in the holel front desk.

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