Spring is in the Air- and so are Allergies

As spring arrives in beautiful New York city, so does something not so beautiful- allergies!

Many people suffer from allergies. This can cause many problems, like itchiness, red eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, swelling (1) and much more.

How can you feel better? How can you beat the allergies this spring?

The Website, WebMD , has 5 ways that can help! 

  1. Stay indoors more (limit your time outdoors)

This is easy. The trees and flowers that cause allergies are outside. Stay inside to keep yourself away from their pollen.

  1. Take medicine

Many allergy medicines can stop you from getting a runny nose and an itchy face, but be careful! They can also make you sleepy. 

  1. Take medicine 1 week early (Protect yourself early on)

If you take medicine early, it will already be in your body when you need it.

  1. Take natural medicine (Get Natural Relief)

Some herbal medicines help allergies too! Remember to talk to a doctor about safety. 

  1. Make small changes at home (Tweak your home)

There are small ways to make your home a place without allergies. You can close your windows, take off your shoes when you come inside the house, vacuum, and don’t smoke. Smoking makes allergies worse!

Enjoy the spring, but remember to beware of allergies!

(1) Swelling


Spring Allergy Fixes: Medicine, Herbs, Allergy-Proofing Your Home (webmd.com)


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