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Severe Revisited

Severe was last week’s Awesome Adjective. Here are some pictures of severe weather. What kind of severe weather do you see? Write your answers on a piece of paper, then click on “Continue reading” to see the correct answers.








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All About Spring

Spring is usually March, April, and May.

In the spring, it’s warm (but it’s still cold in New York!).

In the spring, the flowers bloom.

In the spring, the trees and grass turn green.

In the spring, people have allergies.

File:Passover Seder Dinner at the White House 2010.jpg

Passover and Easter are in the spring.



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All About Winter

The weather is cold, cold, cold!

And it snows.

In the winter, people go skiing.

They go ice skating, too.

They celebrate Christmas.

They celebrate Hanukkah.

They celebrate New Year’s.

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All About Fall

Fall, also called autumn, is the months September, October, and November.


In the fall, the leaves change color and fall off the trees.

In the fall, people rake leaves.

In the fall, the weather gets cooler.

Fall comes after summer and before winter.

Halloween is in the fall.

Thanksgiving is in the fall.

A man named Vivaldi wrote a piece of music called “The Four Seasons.” Here’s the autumn part:

Think you know all about fall? Take the quiz to test your knowledge:


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Hurricane Sandy Alert – No Classes Monday

We’re sure you have all heard about Hurricane Sandy approaching NYC. The MTA will begin shut down at 7:00 PM on Sunday evening. As of now, no one can say when service will return.

Classes are cancelled for tomorrow, Monday, October 29th.

Be sure to check New York City Severe Weather website to get the latest news and alerts. Also, please be sure to read Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York Cityfor tips and plans for emergency situations:

Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City

This is a good time to stay inside and catch up on your studies and homework. You can read more about hurricanes, how they form and work at Simple English Wikipedia.

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