It’s Fall in New York City!

Autumn, also known as Fall to many Americans, is one of the best times to be in New York City!

We all know the seasons, so let’s learn a new word,


Fall Foliage to be specific!

The noun “foliage” (pronounced: Fole-EE-edge) means – plant leaves collectively.

So when you imagine “fall foliage”, you may imagine the photo below:

Luckily for us, this beautiful scene is right here in New York City!

Whether you’re a plant lover, or not, checking out the fall foliage around NYC can be a fun free activity for the whole family. (or a romantic retreat!)

Take a look at these 5 fall foliage spots to check out in New York City!

  1. Fort Tyron Park in Washington Heights!
    Fort Washington Ave at Cabrini Blvd

    2. Prospect Park in Brooklyn

    Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238

    3. Central Park, Manhattan

    Central Park Lake, Near 74th street and Central Park West

    4. Alley Pond Park, Queens

    Union Tpke, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

    5. Greenbelt Nature Center, Staten Island

    700 Rockland Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

    My favorites are Central Park and Alley Pond Park!
    If you have been to one the parks above, let us know in the comments!

    Happy Fall!

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    A Visit from Council Member Marte

    The University Settlement Adult Literacy Program was recently lucky to receive a visit from New York City Council Member Christopher Marte. He represents District 1, which includes Battery Park City, Civic Center, Chinatown, Financial District, Little Italy, the Lower East Side, NoHo, SoHo, South Street Seaport, South Village, TriBeCa, and Washington Square. He met with University Staff members, took a tour of one of our sites, and visited a number of different programs. You can see him in the photo above on the far left with Class 3P.

    To read more about Council Member Marte, click here.

    This is City Council District 1:

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    ¡Que Bonita Bandera!

    What a beautiful flag!


    June is exciting in New York City for many reasons, the weather is finally hot, beaches are open, and my personal favorite – THE PARADES!

    A parade is a large number of people walking or in vehicles, all going in the same direction, usually as part of a public celebration of something.

    After 2 years of pausing for COVID, the annual1. Puerto Rican Day Parade is back! This parade celebrates the approximately 890,000 Puerto Ricans in New York. Puerto Ricans make up about 4.4% of the population of New York City.

    The Parade takes place on the 2nd Sunday of June – making it fall on Sunday, June 12th 2022 this year!

    The parade marches along Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 86th Street and has grown to become one of the largest parades in the United States.

    Whether or not you are Puerto Rican, you should come and celebrate a unique piece of New York’s culture at the 65th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade!

    1. Annual-Once a year


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    Spring is in the Air- and so are Allergies

    As spring arrives in beautiful New York city, so does something not so beautiful- allergies!

    Many people suffer from allergies. This can cause many problems, like itchiness, red eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, swelling (1) and much more.

    How can you feel better? How can you beat the allergies this spring?

    The Website, WebMD , has 5 ways that can help! 

    1. Stay indoors more (limit your time outdoors)

    This is easy. The trees and flowers that cause allergies are outside. Stay inside to keep yourself away from their pollen.

    1. Take medicine

    Many allergy medicines can stop you from getting a runny nose and an itchy face, but be careful! They can also make you sleepy. 

    1. Take medicine 1 week early (Protect yourself early on)

    If you take medicine early, it will already be in your body when you need it.

    1. Take natural medicine (Get Natural Relief)

    Some herbal medicines help allergies too! Remember to talk to a doctor about safety. 

    1. Make small changes at home (Tweak your home)

    There are small ways to make your home a place without allergies. You can close your windows, take off your shoes when you come inside the house, vacuum, and don’t smoke. Smoking makes allergies worse!

    Enjoy the spring, but remember to beware of allergies!

    (1) Swelling


    Spring Allergy Fixes: Medicine, Herbs, Allergy-Proofing Your Home (

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    Subway & Bus Safety


    A. Where should you wait for the train on the platform?

    1. On the yellow platform edge strip
    2. Right behind the yellow platform edge strip
    3. In the middle of the platform

    B. Which train car is safe to ride?

    1. The same car as the conductor
    2. The first car
    3. An empty car with nobody inside

    C. In case of emergency, which button of the platform beacon should you press to talk?

    1. The red
    2. The green
    3. Both
    Read More »
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    We Stand Together

    Hi all. We are sad to see what is occurring right now in Ukraine. Regardless of your native country, we want to see all New York residents stand together and help everyone in any way we can.

    Please see the information below in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish.

    You can also:

    1) Visit

    2) Follow @nycimmigrants on Instagram.

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