Money, Money, Money

Class 3C is at it again – this time they wrote about money, Read one story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension.


Natalia Briceno

Like every week, I went to play my lotto numbers and as always I didn’t check my ticket right away.

After a few days I did and to my surprise “I won! I won! I won!” I yelled inside my apartment. I couldn’t believe my numbers appeared on the computer and I finally won!

“What can I do now? Call my family? Should I cash the ticket or should I wait for my husband?” So many questions came to my mind. “Breathe and calm down. Wait for your husband to come back from work,” I said to myself.

The time went slowly. I decided to take a nap to try to relax. A few minutes later, I had a nightmare. I was trying to find my son, who was on the street. I looked around and around. I asked so many people about him, if someone had seen him or someone had recognized him. But nobody had seen him.

I was crying and scared. I went to the police station and reported him missing.

I didn’t want to wait at home for news about my son and decided to go look for him.  A powerful force led me to go to his favorite park, the Colorado, named for its red statues.

It was dark. I walked to the playground but I didn’t find anybody. I decided to walk to the small water fountain and I saw a small shadow. My heart jumped and immediately I recognized the hair of my son.

“Mom, I’m sorry! I got lost! But look at what I found for you – maybe you can win something!” he told me smilingly and I saw that in his hands he had a paper. It was a lottery ticket.


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