My Life in My Country

Class 2P recently wrote about their lives before they came to the U.S. Read one below and take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension:

Dan Dan Yang

My Life in China

I used to live in Fuzhou, China. I lived with my mother and our two dogs, Ruby and Rou Rou. They were two teddy puppies. They had curly brown hair. I used to take them to the toilet two times every day, in the morning and before bedtime.

I was a salesperson in my country. I worked at a department store in Fuzhou. This department store’s name was Fujian Dong Bai Group. I worked at the Revlon cosmetics counter. I loved and enjoyed my job. In my free time, I usually went out to eat, went to KTV to sing, went to the movies, and went shopping with my friends or coworkers. I loved my single life. I had a lot of free time when I was single. I could get up whenever I wanted and I could spend the day as I pleased. I could watch TV all night. I enjoyed the single life and I miss my single life.

After working for three years, I got married. I got married in 2012. My daughter was born in 2013. I immigrated to the U.S. with my daughter in 2014.

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More Job Stories

Here’s another job story for you, this time from a Class 3P student. After reading to story, take the quiz to test your understanding:

Recollections of Impressive Jobs in China

Zu Jia Wang

A long time ago, I had three very impressive jobs in China that I still remember. Right now, I’d like to recollect them.

The first impressive job was working in the desert in Xinjiang for a summer. The weather was hot and dry. The water was poor and salty. By day, the temperature was high. You were very thirsty, and needed to drink a lot of water. But you didn’t have any sweat on your body because the sweat evaporated very quickly. The water was too salty and bitter to drink. In the desert, you couldn’t walk far from your tent, or you would be lost.

At night, the temperature dropped very low. One night, it happened to blow hard with sand, and broke our tents. Everybody had a lot of sand all over their bodies. Luckily, it was easy to be gotten rid of, because the sand was so dry.

The best time was nightfall. You felt comfortable and watched the sky, stars, and satellites.

The second impressive job was working on the Yangtze River from Shanghai to Chongqing, about 2,400 kilometers. Different from the last job, the water was rich and soft. We lived on a new ship and looked like tourists watching the scenery and cities on both sides of the river. One day, when the ship reached the point where the river and Dongting Lake meet, the wind, rain, and waves were so strong that the ship almost sank. Right now, I’m still afraid of it. We preferred to live on land more than on the river.

The third impressive job was working on a farm in Hubei province for a year and a half. I learned how to plough the field with an ox. At first, it was very difficult to learn. The land on the mountain was hard and sticky. The weather in the winter was cold and wet with a little rain. The ox walked very slowly and breathlessly. After I had learned to do it, we moved to the plains where the environment was better.

Those three jobs impressed me forever.

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Another School Story

Here’s another school story for you, courtesy of Class 3P. When you’re finished, test your comprehension by taking the quiz!

My Favorite Teacher

Zujia Wang

Mr. Yan was my favorite teacher when I was in high school. I’ll always remember him. He taught Chinese very well. He always came to class on time. He wore glasses and spoke very loudly. He explained Chinese words very clearly. He taught us how to write a beautiful article and corrected it very strictly. After class, he liked to spend time with students. Every student liked to tell him their secrets and got his help. Many years have gone away and I still miss him. More than ten years ago, we classmates went to his house and said good luck to him. He was very happy, but his eyes didn’t see anything. He touched our faces although we were old, too. A few years ago, he died. We were sad. I’ll always remember my favorite teacher—Mr. Yan! He always lives in my heart!


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More Summer Travel Ideas

Here’s another travel story from Class 3C. When you’re finished reading the story below, remember to take the quiz to test your comprehension.

hong kong 1

Visiting Hong Kong

Wo Qu Hu

Hong Kong used to be an English colony. The people on the Chinese mainland felt that Hong Kong was a very mysterious island. China got it back from England in 1997. Ever since 1997, I had a dream to visit Hong Kong. In 2004, one day I got the news that regular people could apply to visit Hong Kong. I was very happy and did it immediately.

In the summer of 2004, my girlfriend and I started our trip to Hong Kong. That was a beautiful day. When I first stepped into Hong Kong, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to feel the difference. We visited the Top of the Mountain, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Bay, Hong Kang, Jiulong and some of my relatives.

The most unforgettable thing was visiting Hong Kong Ocean Park. It was the biggest ocean park in Asia. That morning, we prepared a lot of food, snacks and water. Even though it was a little heavy, it was covered by happiness. When we stepped into the park, to the right were some sculptures of big sea animals. They looked like they were swimming in the ocean and spraying water. We took out the map and decided to take the sightseeing cable car to the top, because there are a lot of amusement rides on the top. So we went to the back of the line.

The line was so long. We waited for almost one hour. It was our turn. When I got in the gondola I was very excited. But when the sightseeing cable car was moving, I was a little nervous. Because when I looked out of our car I saw we were in the sky. We were at least 60 meters up in the air. But it was a very good spot to see the sights of Hong Kong. When we arrived the top, there was an announcement that said, “The dolphin show will start in fifteen minutes.” Even though my eyes were attracted to the amusement rides, my body was pulled to the dolphin show by my girlfriend. Even though I watched the show passively, it was a very good show.

After the show, we watched polar bears, penguins, sharks, pandas and other animals. We also rode on some amusement rides too. Even though I didn’t want to leave there, it was almost 5:30 and we really felt tired and we needed to ride the bus for more than one hour back to the hotel. So we left Hong Kong Ocean Park and left Hong Kong the next morning.

Because of its mystery, because of the beautiful scenery, because of her, Hong Kong left a deep impression on me.


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My Hometown Revisited

Here’s another sample of our Computer Class students’ writing about their hometowns. When you’re finished, take the quiz to test your comprehension!


My Hometown

Fen Fen Liang

I’m from a small town called Tai Shan, China. Tai Shan is a small town but it has a lot of delicious foods. Tai Shan is a sea town, it has a lot of beaches and it teems with sea food, especially oysters. Tai Shan has a lot of rice paddies. Tai Shan has hot springs. It is not a bustling city. It is good for vacation.

In Tai Shan the summer is too hot but the winter isn’t cold, it is cool. Spring is Tai Shan’s rainy season. Winter is wonderful, because it is sunny and cool.

Tai Shan has many traditional festivals. The important traditional festivals of Tai Shan are Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Tai Shan’s people usually make different foods to celebrate different festivals. I love delicious food and I love my hometown.


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My Hometown

Our Computer Class students recently wrote about their hometowns. Read one example below, and take the quiz afterwards to test yourself!


My Hometown

Limei Chen

I am from Guangzhou, Guangdong (Canton), China. Canton is a province in the south of China. Guangzhou is the capital of Canton and it is near Hong Kong and Macau, but it has no coast or beach. Guangzhou is the third largest city in China. There are about 14 million people and the number is increasing every day. People in Guangzhou speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

Guangzhou is a very beautiful city. The Five Goats Statue is the symbol of Guangzhou. There are only a few hills in the city and most of the area is fields. Guangzhou has a big river that we call Pearl River, which gives us the drinking water we need. Guangzhou has never had an earthquake or hurricane. It is a very safe city. Guangzhou has four distinct seasons. Summer is longer than winter, and it’s very hot. It doesn’t snow in the winter.


Guangzhou has three big shopping areas: Beijing Road, ShangXiaJiu Road and East Tianhe business zone. Lots of tourists like to visit these shopping places.

The most famous thing in Guangzhou is the cooking culture. Guangzhou has a lot of restaurants with different kinds of food and they are open from 7 am to 12 am every day. Some of them stay open all night because many people like to have a midnight snack. Most of the Guangzhou citizens like Cantonese cuisine because it is very delicious and easy to make. Cantonese people usually have tea and refreshments (we call that Dianxing) in the morning at a restaurant. Every time you go to a restaurant for breakfast, you will see it is full and you need to wait for a seat.



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Money, Money, Money

Class 3C is at it again – this time they wrote about money, Read one story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension.


Natalia Briceno

Like every week, I went to play my lotto numbers and as always I didn’t check my ticket right away.

After a few days I did and to my surprise “I won! I won! I won!” I yelled inside my apartment. I couldn’t believe my numbers appeared on the computer and I finally won!

“What can I do now? Call my family? Should I cash the ticket or should I wait for my husband?” So many questions came to my mind. “Breathe and calm down. Wait for your husband to come back from work,” I said to myself.

The time went slowly. I decided to take a nap to try to relax. A few minutes later, I had a nightmare. I was trying to find my son, who was on the street. I looked around and around. I asked so many people about him, if someone had seen him or someone had recognized him. But nobody had seen him.

I was crying and scared. I went to the police station and reported him missing.

I didn’t want to wait at home for news about my son and decided to go look for him.  A powerful force led me to go to his favorite park, the Colorado, named for its red statues.

It was dark. I walked to the playground but I didn’t find anybody. I decided to walk to the small water fountain and I saw a small shadow. My heart jumped and immediately I recognized the hair of my son.

“Mom, I’m sorry! I got lost! But look at what I found for you – maybe you can win something!” he told me smilingly and I saw that in his hands he had a paper. It was a lottery ticket.


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