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Visiting Hong Kong

Wo Qu Hu

Hong Kong used to be an English colony. The people on the Chinese mainland felt that Hong Kong was a very mysterious island. China got it back from England in 1997. Ever since 1997, I had a dream to visit Hong Kong. In 2004, one day I got the news that regular people could apply to visit Hong Kong. I was very happy and did it immediately.

In the summer of 2004, my girlfriend and I started our trip to Hong Kong. That was a beautiful day. When I first stepped into Hong Kong, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to feel the difference. We visited the Top of the Mountain, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Bay, Hong Kang, Jiulong and some of my relatives.

The most unforgettable thing was visiting Hong Kong Ocean Park. It was the biggest ocean park in Asia. That morning, we prepared a lot of food, snacks and water. Even though it was a little heavy, it was covered by happiness. When we stepped into the park, to the right were some sculptures of big sea animals. They looked like they were swimming in the ocean and spraying water. We took out the map and decided to take the sightseeing cable car to the top, because there are a lot of amusement rides on the top. So we went to the back of the line.

The line was so long. We waited for almost one hour. It was our turn. When I got in the gondola I was very excited. But when the sightseeing cable car was moving, I was a little nervous. Because when I looked out of our car I saw we were in the sky. We were at least 60 meters up in the air. But it was a very good spot to see the sights of Hong Kong. When we arrived the top, there was an announcement that said, “The dolphin show will start in fifteen minutes.” Even though my eyes were attracted to the amusement rides, my body was pulled to the dolphin show by my girlfriend. Even though I watched the show passively, it was a very good show.

After the show, we watched polar bears, penguins, sharks, pandas and other animals. We also rode on some amusement rides too. Even though I didn’t want to leave there, it was almost 5:30 and we really felt tired and we needed to ride the bus for more than one hour back to the hotel. So we left Hong Kong Ocean Park and left Hong Kong the next morning.

Because of its mystery, because of the beautiful scenery, because of her, Hong Kong left a deep impression on me.


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