My Hometown Revisited

Here’s another sample of our Computer Class students’ writing about their hometowns. When you’re finished, take the quiz to test your comprehension!


My Hometown

Fen Fen Liang

I’m from a small town called Tai Shan, China. Tai Shan is a small town but it has a lot of delicious foods. Tai Shan is a sea town, it has a lot of beaches and it teems with sea food, especially oysters. Tai Shan has a lot of rice paddies. Tai Shan has hot springs. It is not a bustling city. It is good for vacation.

In Tai Shan the summer is too hot but the winter isn’t cold, it is cool. Spring is Tai Shan’s rainy season. Winter is wonderful, because it is sunny and cool.

Tai Shan has many traditional festivals. The important traditional festivals of Tai Shan are Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Tai Shan’s people usually make different foods to celebrate different festivals. I love delicious food and I love my hometown.


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