Still More Food! Food! Food!

Here’s another food story from Class 3C. After you finish reading, take the quiz to test your comprehension!

Free Lunch

Yongsheng Zhang

One day fifteen years ago, my friends and I visited a new department store called Asia Department Store in Zhenzhou City. It was the biggest department store in Henan province.

We first saw an elevator and we went into it. We were excited and took it up and down a few times. We just window shopped; we didn’t want to buy anything. We looked all over the department store. We were tired and hungry; everyone wanted to eat a big lunch.

We went to the food court. There were restaurants; we didn’t know which one was better. I saw one that was not crowded and it was cheap and clean. We went into it and sat at a table. A waiter gave us menus and we quickly ordered some good dishes.

The cooks cooked very fast. We just drank a half cup of tea, and the waiter served all the dishes. We ate eagerly because we were very hungry.  One of us said, “The dishes were great! We should eat slowly and savor the taste. We also should drink some beer.”

We ordered some beer. We were eating and chatting; we were very happy. Suddenly, one of us shouted, “My teeth!”

“What happened?” we asked him.

“I bit a stone! My teeth hurt!” he said.

We called the waiter and asked him what to do. He didn’t know, so we asked to speak to his boss. He apologized with sincerity and gave my friend five yuan to buy some painkiller and asked us not to talk more about it, just pay the bill then go.

We were angry, we told him, “We will call 110!”

He was very scared. “Please don’t call 110. What do you want?”

We didn’t know what to do. One of us said, “Don’t pay the bill for the lunch.”

The boss said, “No problem, it’s my treat.”

We didn’t pay for lunch and didn’t take the five yuan either.


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