Hot Bread Kitchen’s Career and Bridge Programs

Food Career Program

Gain skills and confidence in and out of the kitchen to prepare you for a career in the food industry.

  • Time commitment: About 25-30 hours per week for 1.5 months 
  • Possible jobs include: baker, prep cook, cashier, food service worker, and pastry assistant
  • Average starting wage: $15/hour

Next cohort starts January 2022!

Facility Management (FM) Program

In partnership with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), this new program is a 4-month training course to prepare you for a job in the fast-growing field of facility management.

  • Time commitment: About 15-20 hours per week for 4 months
  • Possible jobs include: maintenance, custodial/janitorial worker, concierge/customer service, office assistant, purchasing coordinator, facilities assistant 
  • Average starting wage: $16+/hour

English Language

In partnership with LaGuardia Community College, this 8-week program will improve your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.

  • Time commitment: 8 weeks of classes, 2 days per week for 1.5 hours
  • Where: Classes meet online (via Zoom)
  • What you’ll learn: new vocabulary, practice speaking in a supportive environment, and build confidence in everyday conversations.

Fall/Winter 2021 dates

  • November 1—December 20, 2021
  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-5pm

Digital Skills

During this course you will gain knowledge and confidence in using your computer. The skills you’ll gain during this 10-week program will be invaluable as you move through our increasingly online world.

  • Time commitment: 10 weeks of classes, 2 days per week for 2 hours + drop-in office hours
  • Where: Classes meet online (via Zoom)
  • What you’ll learn: computer basics and how to utilize Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets and Gmail)

Fall/Winter 2021 dates

  • November 8th, 2021—January 31st, 2022 (excluding 12/27, 1/3, 1/17)
  • Mondays from 3-5pm
  • Thursdays from 2pm-3pm
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More Food, Glorious Food!


Here’s another food story for you from Class 3P. Remember to take the quiz when you’re finished!

Bitter Melon

Nian Ci He

Bitter melon is a vegetable. It is green and the shape is oval. Chinese medicine says bitter melon is a healthy food. It can help clean your stomach.

I remember when I was a child, my mom usually cooked bitter melon once a week because my dad had a habit of smoking. My mom thought bitter melon could help detox his body. She knew my brother and I didn’t like bitter melon because it tastes very bitter, so she cooked it in different ways, like bitter melon fried eggs, bitter melon braised ribs, bitter melon pig bone soup, etc., but we still didn’t like to eat it.

One time, we only had bitter melon braised ribs and rice for dinner. I didn’t like to eat bitter melon, but I didn’t have any choice, so I just ate ribs, one piece, two pieces, three pieces… My dad looked at me. He was angry. He said, “Bitter melon is good for you! You should eat it! Try it!” I was very afraid of my father, so I had to take a piece of bitter melon into my mouth, but I really did not like the taste, too bitter. Eating, eating, my tears flowing out.

Later my dad saw me eat so hard, and he said, “Forget it, do not eat it” and told my mother to put some other dishes out. When I saw the other dishes, my sadness turned to happiness.

Now every time I eat bitter melon, I think of this thing as a child, and I think of my dad. I miss him a lot.


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Food, Glorious Food!


Classes 3A & 3P are at it again with some deliciously enjoyable stories about food. Read one below and take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension:


Li Ping Chen

Long, long ago, when I was five or six, my father or mother used to get breakfast ready for me, and then they went to work.

One day, as usual, my father made noodles for me. The problem was there were too many noodles. The bowl was bigger than my head. I thought I really couldn’t finish such a bowlful of noodles. So I made a stupid decision.

After my father left home, I stood at the window, and looked at my father until he had passed out of sight. I got a chair and climbed up on it, and I poured all the noodles out of the window.

A few hours later, my father came back while I was watching TV. He shouted at me and spanked me.

A few days later, I knew that while I poured the noodles out of the window, my father’s leader was going to work. He lived on the first floor, and we lived on the fourth floor.

This story tells us that if you really want to destroy crime, you should trust your bathroom but not the window. I am still repentant and in pain.


To read more, click here.

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Awesome Adjective: Ripe

Meaning: Describing fruit that’s ready to eat.

Those mangoes are still green. They’re not ripe yet.

I know the peaches are hard, but they should be ripe in a couple of days.

Fruit that isn’t ripe usually tastes sour.


What color is a ripe banana?

A.  Yellow

B.  Green

C.  Black

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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Raw Revisited

Here’s an informative article from Time Magazine using last week’s Awesome Adjective:

You Asked: Why Can’t I Eat Raw Meat?

Well, you could. But you’d be rolling the dice.

Sushi restaurants are nearly as rampant as Starbucks stores. So why is raw fish okay to consume, while raw beef, pork and other land animals are typically not on the menu?

For one thing, the parasites and bacteria that set up shop in raw animal meat are different and more dangerous than the ones you’d find in raw fish, says Dr. Robert Tauxe, deputy director of the Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…

To continue reading, click here.

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Awesome Adjective: Raw

Meaning: Uncooked or unhealed.


This chicken’s still raw! You’d better cook it for longer.

He likes his steak very red – almost raw, in fact.

I got two teeth taken out yesterday, so the inside of my mouth’s still pretty raw.

Pop Quiz:

How do you like your carrots?

A.  Boiled

B.  Steamed

C.  Raw

To see the correct answer, click on “Continue reading”:

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Still More Food! Food! Food!

Here’s another food story from Class 3C. After you finish reading, take the quiz to test your comprehension!

Free Lunch

Yongsheng Zhang

One day fifteen years ago, my friends and I visited a new department store called Asia Department Store in Zhenzhou City. It was the biggest department store in Henan province.

We first saw an elevator and we went into it. We were excited and took it up and down a few times. We just window shopped; we didn’t want to buy anything. We looked all over the department store. We were tired and hungry; everyone wanted to eat a big lunch.

We went to the food court. There were restaurants; we didn’t know which one was better. I saw one that was not crowded and it was cheap and clean. We went into it and sat at a table. A waiter gave us menus and we quickly ordered some good dishes.

The cooks cooked very fast. We just drank a half cup of tea, and the waiter served all the dishes. We ate eagerly because we were very hungry.  One of us said, “The dishes were great! We should eat slowly and savor the taste. We also should drink some beer.”

We ordered some beer. We were eating and chatting; we were very happy. Suddenly, one of us shouted, “My teeth!”

“What happened?” we asked him.

“I bit a stone! My teeth hurt!” he said.

We called the waiter and asked him what to do. He didn’t know, so we asked to speak to his boss. He apologized with sincerity and gave my friend five yuan to buy some painkiller and asked us not to talk more about it, just pay the bill then go.

We were angry, we told him, “We will call 110!”

He was very scared. “Please don’t call 110. What do you want?”

We didn’t know what to do. One of us said, “Don’t pay the bill for the lunch.”

The boss said, “No problem, it’s my treat.”

We didn’t pay for lunch and didn’t take the five yuan either.


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