Food, Glorious Food!


Classes 3A & 3P are at it again with some deliciously enjoyable stories about food. Read one below and take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension:


Li Ping Chen

Long, long ago, when I was five or six, my father or mother used to get breakfast ready for me, and then they went to work.

One day, as usual, my father made noodles for me. The problem was there were too many noodles. The bowl was bigger than my head. I thought I really couldn’t finish such a bowlful of noodles. So I made a stupid decision.

After my father left home, I stood at the window, and looked at my father until he had passed out of sight. I got a chair and climbed up on it, and I poured all the noodles out of the window.

A few hours later, my father came back while I was watching TV. He shouted at me and spanked me.

A few days later, I knew that while I poured the noodles out of the window, my father’s leader was going to work. He lived on the first floor, and we lived on the fourth floor.

This story tells us that if you really want to destroy crime, you should trust your bathroom but not the window. I am still repentant and in pain.


To read more, click here.

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