Special Activities

Our students enjoy not only their regular English classes but also some special activities.

The first activity we would like to share is “Leave Your Mark on the Map.” In the hallway, there is a big world map on the wall where students can stick a star-shaped sticker to let us know where their hometown or home country is. We get to know each other by doing the activity and talking about where they are from. Our teacher Joe’s classes took time to represent their countries.

The next activity is reading “Students’ Success Stories.” Right next to the world map, we posted some of our previous students’ success stories who advanced either in career or in education. Our teacher Lynne took her students to the wall hoping that her students would dream of being featured there someday.

Sometimes we want to celebrate our classmate’s birthday by throwing a small party. Our W2 and W3 students sang the “Happy Birthday” song in different languages of their native languages and English. The birthday student, Andrei brought some sweets, juice and home-made Mannik to share with his classmates. The following video just captured a few moments of the sweet celebration.

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