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Create a Store & Phonics Carousel Activity

Our W0 weekend students created imaginary stores this time as a group project by giving prices and saying the hours of operation and whether or not the stores were having a sale. ‘Twas fun!

They also did a phonics carousel activity where groups had to think of words that start with cr, dr, tr, fr, fl, and cl. Can you come up with some words?

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Do you read Nutrition Facts Labels?

Our daytime 2A and 3A students learned about nutrition from Ryan Health NENA last week: What are good foods, natural vs. processed? What kind of fats are good and bad? How much sodium and sugar should we eat per day? What foods have fiber in them? Do you know how to read nutrition facts labels? Let’s stay healthy by checking the labels and choosing healthy foods!



Our W0 weekend students had a group project about restaurants. They created a menu together, imagining they were opening a restaurant. They looked at each menu to compare the foods and prices and decide which restaurant they would most likely go to. What is your favorite restaurant?

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My Adult Literacy Class Means…

Our W1 weekend students also expressed what their Adult Literacy Class means to them. What does Adult Literacy Class mean to you?

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