Biography Workshop

Our 3A, 3P, CCR-A, and CCR-P learned how to interview a partner and write a biography based on the the interview from Corinne who is our Advanced Creative Writing Class Teacher and the Associated Director of the Gallatin Writing Program of NYU.

  • Students are learning what biographies are and brainstorming their interview questions.
  • Students are interviewing their partner.
  • Students are writing a biography based on their interview.
  • Some students are reading their biography.
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Various Events

It was a full house last Tuesday during our Job & Resource Fair! Our participants had the chance to learn about job openings, training opportunities, and other resources available in the city. A very big thank you to our partners that participated in this fair!

Our E3 and E4 students also had a workshop about scams and identity theft with Chase Bank last Wednesday. We want to thank Chase for visiting us nine times to host a series of financial literacy workshops. It was very informative and useful!

Our W2 students had a virtual workshop with Tenement Museum on a theme titled Making a Living. Our students could learn about a part of immigration history and related it to their own immigrant life.

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Family and Financial Literacy Workshops

Last Wednesday, our 2A, 2P, 3A, and 3P students learned effective reading strategies to use at home with children from a children’s librarian from Seward Park Library. He introduced what services our students can use at the New York Public Library and taught how to read to children by demonstrating his way of reading. During the demonstration, our students were laughing and smiling as if they were children. I hope they learned it very well and can do the same with their own children at home.

The next day, our E3 and E4 students learned about how to make financial decisions that help maintain good credit with Chase Bank.

And, last Saturday, Chase Bank returned to teach our W2 and W3 students about how to identify and avoid financial scams. They not only learned about different types of scams but also shared their or their acquaintances’ experiences to prevent themselves from falling victim.

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Credit Workshop

Chase Bank came back to teach about how to make financial decisions that help maintain good credit. Both our students and teachers had a lot of questions about credit. They learned what they should and should not do to keep a good credit score. Thanks to the workshop, one student said he got to check his and his wife’s credit scores for the first time since he moved to the USA, and his wife who is not our student also thanked the workshop. It’s great news that our workshops not only benefit our students, but also their family members.

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Workshops on the U.S. Education System & Parent-Teacher Conferences and Family Budgets

Our W2 teacher Courtney who also works as a parent coordinator at a public school taught our Evening and Weekend students about the U.S. education system and parent-teacher conferences. The students could understand the meanings of the terms related to education and practice how to communicate with their child’s teacher at parent-teacher conferences. Now they are ready to meet the teachers on May 4, 11, or 18.

Chase Bank came back to teach about family budgets for our Daytime students. The presenter led very interesting workshops by sharing her own experiences of growing up in an immigrant family. The students got interested in how to save money for their future goals such as buying a house, traveling, and retirement. The bank will come back for our Evening students this Thursday.

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Family Budget Workshop

Our new partner, Chase Bank visited us last Saturday to kick off their financial literacy workshop series for our students. The students learned how to budget for their short-term and long-term financial goals and drew up their own family budget sheet. The partner will come back to teach our daytime and evening students too. We hope that everybody will stay financially healthy!

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