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Yueh Hong Hsia

Lucky Money

Holidays are always celebrated by family and friends together, talking and drinking. My uncle celebrated his birthday this year on Thanksgiving Day because everyone in my uncle’s family had the day off. There were about twenty people. My uncle has seven grandsons and with my daughter there was a total of eight kids at this party. They were very happy because every kid got 100 dollars from my uncle. I was happy too.

My cousin is a chef. He cooks very well and always makes special food for family parties. This time he also cooked. My cousin usually drinks a lot and I can drink a lot too, but I’m never drunk. Sometimes just a little dizzy. When we finished the party, my husband drove me home.

The next morning, my husband left home early. After he came back, I was still asleep. I just heard my husband say, “Thank you to me. I found your wallet next to my car.” I felt very lucky because my driver’s license, credit card, and a few hundred dollars with my daughter’s lucky money were in my wallet. Now I always check my bag to make sure my wallet is inside.

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