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Attention, foodies! Class 1B recently wrote about food – recipes, essays about personal experience, and advice. Read one story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension. Bon appetit!

Grandmother’s Bakery

Jennifer Alonzo

This story is about my grandmother. She wanted to open a bakery because she wanted to leave a legacy to her family. Her dream was to bake cakes and cookies and other desserts for events, birthdays, and holidays and sell them to restaurants.

At first it was difficult because she didn’t have money. She had to work cleaning houses and offices and babysitting. She worked for ten years to collect the money.

During those ten years, she met my grandfather. She was sixteen years old when her dream began. When she turned twenty, she married my grandfather.

My grandfather was rich because his family had property. He helped my grandmother with her dream and they opened a bakery.

When the bakery opened it was successful and my grandmother was happy. After fifteen years my grandmother decided to begin to teach her daughters and son recipes for the bakery to be continued for years.

The most famous was for fruit cake. Visitors everywhere arrived to try it. My grandmother was happy because her dream was a reality.

When my grandmother was eighty years old, she retired and delegated her children with her bakery.

My grandmother died when she was ninety years old and nobody continued with the bakery because my family worked in their own professions. But when my family meets, they make the famous recipe that reminds us of my grandmother.

Now I want to do what my grandmother achieved. I want to be like her.


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