Food, Food, Food!

Attention, foodies! Class 1B recently wrote about food – recipes, essays about personal experience, and advice. Read one story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension. Bon appetit!

My Husband Cooks

Songsong Chen

I love my husband’s cooking. He likes to cook. He doesn’t like to go out to eat. He likes to cook for friends. But he always makes a big mess in the kitchen. He’s very good at making sesame chicken and cola chicken wings. His dishes are delicious. Sometimes my husband teaches me how to cook. Something very easy, like scrambled eggs, baked potatoes or fried fish.

I’m happy that my husband is a great cook!

We usually go to the supermarket twice a week. Every time we buy a lot of food. But no canned food. My husband says canned food is junk food. We need to buy healthy food. He always checks the date on food. He is a careful shopper. He buys a lot of fruit. He wants to make salad for our kid.

We always eat congee for breakfast. That is my husband’s favorite. I eat a lot. I always say I’m afraid to be fat. But my husband says, “Don’t worry about that. This is all healthy food.”


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2 thoughts on “Food, Food, Food!

  1. My best dish was sticky rice. All my friends and my family were loved it so was
    Beautiful and delicious.

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