Writing Class Celebrates 10 Years

Professor June Foley

Ten years ago, Professor June Foley, Director of NYU’s Gallatin Writing Program, started a writing class for University Settlement’s Adult Literacy Program. We want to show our appreciation for this wonderful woman who has helped our students overcome their fear of writing and tell their stories to the world, all the while inspiring the next generation of students to be creative writers.

Professor Foley also founded The Literacy Review, a collection of writing by adult education students throughout New York City. To celebrate ten years of collaboration, NYU Gallatin and the University Settlement Adult Literacy Program have published Ten, a collection of writing by Adult Literacy Program students.  Edited by Professor Foley, it features a wide variety of stories about the immigrant experience.

In the following video, Adult Literacy Program Director Michael Hunter says a few words about Professor Foley, then a student of hers, Josephine Lam speaks – and then we get to hear from June herself!

Thank you, Professor Foley!

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8 thoughts on “Writing Class Celebrates 10 Years

  1. Dear Michael and Jon,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderfully kind and generous work.

    I send the warmest wishes to you two, Lucian, Leanne, Lilyan, my amazing students, and everyone at University Settlement Society.


    • My resolution for 2013 was to find June Foley! Aha! At long last I have and what a joy to see and hear you! I am bursting with pride and love. What an amazing girl! I always knew it. Always loved you, Honey. Kathie Sant’ambrogio.

  2. Dear June,

    I am so glad to see you in the video. Thank you so much for spending so much precious time to be our writing class teacher. You are an absolutely remarkable and inspiring teacher. I miss you and your kindness and sweet smile. 🙂

    Thank you always,

  3. I don’t really know how to describe how grateful I am to Michael, to June, and to all my teachers! I never thought it would be possible — I’m not only writing in english, and have even been published in a book, it seems like a dream, but dreams do come true. Thank you all very much!


  4. Dear Jon and June,
    Thank you so much for a beautiful video; it was a pleasure working with you.

    June,I’m grateful for the opportunity to being your student, My classmates and I , we all appreciate your precious time to be our second parent.
    You not only our teacher, you absolutely like a lighthouse; give us the light we need, the help we want,and guide us in the right direction.
    Again, thank you so much for guidance.
    And I wish you both much happiness.
    Josephine Lam

  5. So glad Kathie doesn’t keep secrets. Terribly intimidated (remember I was a math major) but so happy to “see” you. Lots of love your way!

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