Idiom of the week

You demanded it and now it’s back…idiom of the week!


Meaning:  saved by something at the last moment; not having to do something you don’t want to because the situation ends


  • The teacher asked me a difficult question that I couldn’t answer, but I was saved by the bell because class ended.
  • My father was about to yell at me, but I was saved by the bell when my mother said it was time to eat dinner.
  • A strange man started to talk to me on the street, but I was saved by the bell when a taxi arrived and I got in.
Pop Quiz: I was saved by the bell when…

a. I had an important test and my dog ate my homework.

b. I had no money and was very hungry, then I found 5 dollars on the floor.

c. my friends and I were playing a game I wasn’t good at and time ended before it was my turn

Read the answer below…

C, If you are playing a game you aren’t good at and the game ends before you have to play, you are saved.

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4 thoughts on “Idiom of the week

  1. There was raining. I forgot to take umbrella but i was saved by the bell because my friend Kitty have a big umbrella.

  2. My wife saw my smoking but I was saved by the bell that we smelled something burned and we had to look around to find out what happened.

  3. When I was a little child, I went to the Cultrual Park which was far from my home. Then I discovered that I didn;t had any money to take the bus home. I became panic but I was saved by the bell that a kind lady gave me some money to pay the bus fare.

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