Labor Day

Watch the video without subtitles and listen to it to fill in the blanks. Check the answers by clicking “READ MORE.”

Hi kSmart Kids! Today we will be 1)________ about Labor Day! Labor Day is 2)__________ on the first Monday in September! This holiday is celebrated in the United States and has 3)____ a holiday for more than 100 years! But why do we 4)_________ Labor Day? Labor Day 5)__________ all American workers and how their hard work has 6)______ the country! In 1882, many American people 7)______ very long hours in unsafe places and were not 8)____ much money for their jobs. But In New York City, the American people 9)____ together to speak out against these bad conditions and low pay! The workers 10)____ a day off work and then celebrated with their families with a picnic! 12 years later Labor Day 11)______ a national holiday! To celebrate Labor Day, think of all the many people who 12)____ hard in our community! Such as Teachers! Nurses! Chefs! and Scientists! If you 13)___ them, don’t 14)______ to 15)_____ them for all their hard work!


1) learning
2) celebrated
3) been
4) celebrate
5) celebrates
6) helped
7) worked
8) paid
9) came
10) took
11) became
12) work
13) see
14) forget
15) thank

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