Family and Financial Literacy Workshops

Last Wednesday, our 2A, 2P, 3A, and 3P students learned effective reading strategies to use at home with children from a children’s librarian from Seward Park Library. He introduced what services our students can use at the New York Public Library and taught how to read to children by demonstrating his way of reading. During the demonstration, our students were laughing and smiling as if they were children. I hope they learned it very well and can do the same with their own children at home.

The next day, our E3 and E4 students learned about how to make financial decisions that help maintain good credit with Chase Bank.

And, last Saturday, Chase Bank returned to teach our W2 and W3 students about how to identify and avoid financial scams. They not only learned about different types of scams but also shared their or their acquaintances’ experiences to prevent themselves from falling victim.

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