Educational Theater & Workshop

Last Wednesday evening, Jay’s E0 and a few of Sunjoo’s 1B and 1C students unusually bumped into each other at a theater to learn English through watching a play named “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams and performed by Educational Theater of New York. They also saw many other ESL students from other programs in the audience. The students watched the play scene by scene and participated in comprehension question-and-answer sessions in between. Some scenes were replayed by request. At the end, there was another question-and-answer session with the cast, so the students were able to ask questions about the characters. Lastly, our Evening and Daytime students took a group picture to commemorate their unusual encounter.

Our W2 and W3 students had a workshop with the New York Immigration Coalition last Saturday. They learned about immigrants’ rights such as Public Charge, Green Light Driver’s Licenses, TPS, ICE, and Hate Crimes.

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