Memorable & Dream Vacations 2

This time we would like to share 2 other W1 students’ writings. They were very good and funny students always not sitting together to practice English with other students even though they are a married couple. Their sense of humor exudes through their writings, too. Enjoy!

Nikolay’s Memorable Vacation – In the past I went to Paris with my wife, we had a great time! There was amazing breakfast and I visited the Eiffel tower. However, I stood in the longest line of my life to get to the top. The view was not incredible, and the best place on top of the Eiffel Tower was the restroom. It was interesting to know that the architect of the tower had an apartment on top. I think this is really the most expensive apartment in Paris. And after this experience we got on Hop-on-Hop-off bus and after a long day, we got a text message that because of a strike, our tickets to Barcelona were canceled. Overall, I think we can go to Paris again, but plan to spend more time because there could be strikes again. It’s a good place to spend time.

Nikolay’s Dream Vacation – In my dream vacation I want to go alone to Utqiagvik, Alaska from November until March. I will stay alone and order delivery of pizza and soda every day, once a day and then sleep during the long long arctic night. When I wake up it will be frozen pizza and soda behind the door and I will fall asleep again and again, until the end of the vacation. If it will be good, maybe I will repeat it again next year or move to Antarctica to do the same there. Maybe I will have new dreams…

Yulia’s Memorable Vacation – My husband and I went to three countries in spring about 5 years ago. The first country was the city Riga in Latvia. We walked on the oldest street and looked at the oldest architecture. The second country was the city of Paris in France. We went to the Eiffel Tower and took a tour on the bus. The third country was Barcelona in Spain. We celebrated my husband’s birthday. In Barcelona city I lost my phone 󰣺 , but some nice Spanish guys found it and gave me my phone back. That vacation was really magical and I’ll never forget it! ☀

Yulia’s Dream Vacation – I know that my husband wants to be on vacation alone, but on my dream vacation we will be together ❤ . My dream vacation is to travel around the world on different modes of transport. We will visit interesting, beautiful and memorable places in the USA, Europe and Asia. We will spend 3-5 days in each place. I would like to try cuisines in every country, and swim in different oceans. It’s just a dream. Today my dream is to have just ONE vacation! ☀

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