Memorable & Dream Vacations

We would like to share our 3 Ecuadorian students’ writings from W1 about vacations. There are some similarities and differences in what they did or what they want about vacations. Please find them out while enjoying reading their writings.

ROSA’S MEMORABLE VACATION – My vacation in Ecuador was wonderful in 2019. I went to the beach with my husband. On the first day we went to eat a big fish. After that we went to see the ocean and we walked on the water. I enjoyed it a lot. We went to the hotel to rest. On the second day. We went to see the humpback whales. It was wonderful. On these vacations we were able to enjoy how beautiful nature is, and above all strengthen our marriage. We enjoyed the kindness of the people, the typical Ecuadorian food and above all the sea breeze at dawn.

ROSA’S DREAM VACATION – My dream vacation is to always travel and travel to other countries with my husband. I want to explore Egypt. It is the place of my dreams. I will visit the Nile river, the pyramids and museums. I will get to know people and the cultural costumes. I will have new experiences with my husband. I like Egyptโ€™s customs, for example the greeting, religion and their clothing.

CARMEN’S MEMORABLE VACATION – Today I will talk to you about what my family and I did on our last vacation ๐Ÿ˜Š My family and I, went to the Central Park Zoo where there were many animals of different species. We really liked it because that day it was super great to spend the day with my family. And above all that, my son could observe animals. He was happier at the zoo than in the photo.

CARMEN’S DREAM VACATION – I want to talk about my dream vacation. I would like to go on vacation to my country, Ecuador, to see everything again and also eat typical food from my country.
That would be one of my dreams and also one of my vacations. I can see animals eaten typically, and also visit all my family friends. I can also learn about different places since I do not know about them all. That would be one of my dreams and vacations.

GALO’S MEMORABLE VACATION – I went to Cancun with my son for one week. On the first day, we took the airplane, that was a comfortable trip. We arrived at the airport in the afternoon and later took the bus to travel to the hotel. We registered at the hotel, and later that night went out for dinner. There were three options: Italian food, Mexican food and fast food. We decided on Mexican food and it was delicious. The second day we went to the beach and were swimming. I drank beer and my son drank soda and other things. On the other days we relaxed and rested. The trip was interesting and we spent all the time together.

GALO’S DREAM VACATION – My dream vacation is always on a beach. I will go to Tortuga Bay Island in Galapagos, Ecuador with my family. I will relax and I have tranquility to share with the people I love. The beach is beautiful, the sand is white, the color of the sea is light blue and blue, and the water is clear. In one place on the beach you can see seals, Blue-Footed Boobies and turtles. It will be amazing and wonderful to be on this beach.

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  1. I completely agree with the idea that vacations can be both memorable and dreamy. As the article highlights, vacations provide us with an opportunity to explore new places, cultures, and experiences, and strengthen our relationships. It’s great to see how Rosa’s memorable vacation to the beach and whale watching not only allowed her to appreciate nature but also brought her closer to her husband. Additionally, her dream vacation to Egypt highlights the importance of having goals and aspirations for our travels, as it allows us to learn more about different customs and ways of life. Overall, vacations are a valuable way to enhance our lives and create lasting memories.

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