Brooklyn Museum’s “We Speak Art” “Hablemos del Arte”

Hello, lovely community members of University Settlement!

Are you a fan of art? Are you looking for something fun to do online? 

You’re in luck! The Brooklyn Museum is having a FREE  virtual art talk. 

Come and chat about art with fellow art lovers (1).

 If you can’t make it this time, don’t worry. It happens monthly- once a month. 

If you want to attend:

  1. Click the link here : Virtual We Speak Art — Brooklyn Museum
  2. Scroll down and click “Pick a date”
  3. Click on Thursday, May 5th, in the calendar.
  4. Click on the plus button, to choose how many tickets you want.
  5. Click “Add tickets to order”.
  6. Click “Proceed to Checkout”. 
  7. Fill in your information (You don’t have to pay any money, but you can donate (2) if you want.
  8. Click “complete order”!

You’re all set!  Enjoy! You will get an email with a Zoom link.

  1. People who also love art.
  2. Give money to you want 
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