Immigrants’ Rights Workshops

Our CCR students had workshops about immigrants’ rights, also known as KYR(Know Your Rights) workshops presented by our new partner, Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement. They learned about their rights as immigrants, as well as updated changes to immigration policy and the social services available to them. With the current COVID surge, we shifted our workshop location from in-person to online temporarily because we should know about our rights no matter what situations we are in!

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U.S. Currency Workshop

Have you ever felt nervous when you had to pay for things in cash while travelling in a foreign country or when you first arrived in the USA because you were not familiar with the currency there, or have you ever wondered about the people, animals, or things on bills and coins? To learn about the U.S. currency, Our 1B, 1C, 2A, and 2P students participated in the workshops presented by the Chinese Progressive Association.

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A Special Visit

One of our Board Members, Andrew Zhu visited our advanced English classes last week and shared some career tips with the our students. He talked about:  

  • Intro to why he is there
    • Explain what a Board member is
  • His background
  • Why he decided to join the Board
  • Background on his job
  • Career Advice
    • How to find a job / learn about a job
    • Resume Tips
    • Common Interview Tips
  • Open up for Questions

Thanks for setting this up, Ali – great job and the students enjoyed it!

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