It’s Fall in New York City!

Autumn, also known as Fall to many Americans, is one of the best times to be in New York City!

We all know the seasons, so let’s learn a new word,


Fall Foliage to be specific!

The noun “foliage” (pronounced: Fole-EE-edge) means – plant leaves collectively.

So when you imagine “fall foliage”, you may imagine the photo below:

Luckily for us, this beautiful scene is right here in New York City!

Whether you’re a plant lover, or not, checking out the fall foliage around NYC can be a fun free activity for the whole family. (or a romantic retreat!)

Take a look at these 5 fall foliage spots to check out in New York City!

  1. Fort Tyron Park in Washington Heights!
    Fort Washington Ave at Cabrini Blvd

    2. Prospect Park in Brooklyn

    Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238

    3. Central Park, Manhattan

    Central Park Lake, Near 74th street and Central Park West

    4. Alley Pond Park, Queens

    Union Tpke, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

    5. Greenbelt Nature Center, Staten Island

    700 Rockland Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

    My favorites are Central Park and Alley Pond Park!
    If you have been to one the parks above, let us know in the comments!

    Happy Fall!

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    Brooklyn Museum’s “We Speak Art” “Hablemos del Arte”

    Hello, lovely community members of University Settlement!

    Are you a fan of art? Are you looking for something fun to do online? 

    You’re in luck! The Brooklyn Museum is having a FREE  virtual art talk. 

    Come and chat about art with fellow art lovers (1).

     If you can’t make it this time, don’t worry. It happens monthly- once a month. 

    If you want to attend:

    1. Click the link here : Virtual We Speak Art — Brooklyn Museum
    2. Scroll down and click “Pick a date”
    3. Click on Thursday, May 5th, in the calendar.
    4. Click on the plus button, to choose how many tickets you want.
    5. Click “Add tickets to order”.
    6. Click “Proceed to Checkout”. 
    7. Fill in your information (You don’t have to pay any money, but you can donate (2) if you want.
    8. Click “complete order”!

    You’re all set!  Enjoy! You will get an email with a Zoom link.

    1. People who also love art.
    2. Give money to you want 
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    NYC Emergency Management Invitation: Free Workshop + Giveaway

    Join NYC Emergency Management and the Museum of Chinese in America for Immigrant Heritage Week 2022!

    This event will include a free workshop on emergency preparedness, a chance to win prizes, and time to explore the museum’s exhibits. The workshop will be conducted in English and Chinese, in either Mandarin or Cantonese depending on the session.

    Date: Thursday, April 14, 2022

    Location: 215 Centre Street, Manhattan, NY 10013

    Time: 1 to 5 PM (participants choose their session)

    Participants must register in advance through this link: Due to limited seating, tickets will be first come, first served. We ask that if anyone cancels, they do so at least three days prior to the start of the event.

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    Health Workshops

    Simon’s 2A and 2P class students participated in health workshops to learn how to describe symptoms of an illness in English and how to read and understand medicine labels. The workshops were provided by our old partner agency, Ryan Health which has always been giving interesting workshops including the nutrition workshops that took place for our 1B, 1C, 2A, and 2P classes 2 weeks ago. We hope that we can have in-person workshops again with their interesting actual materials in the future.

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    Parent Teacher Conference Workshop

    Last Saturday, our W1 and W2 students learned how to participate in parent-teacher conferences from our W1 teacher, Courtney, who is also a parent coordinator at a public school during the week. The students learned some useful vocabulary that can be used during the conferences and what kind of questions they can prepare to ask their children’s teachers. Courtney is also going to have more workshops this evening for our Evening students. Our students who are also parents or guardians will be ready for the upcoming parent teacher conferences in March.

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