The Order of Adjectives

When we use more than one adjective to describe a noun, we normally have to follow a specific order. Remember the order as NOSASCOMP or DOSASCOMP, Number-Opinion-Size-Age-Shape-Color-Origin-Material-Purpose or Determiner-Opinion-Size-Age-Shape-Color-Origin-Material-Purpose.

1. Number or Determiner: Articles and other limiters (e.g., a, your, the, five, her).

2. Opinion: Describes what is thought about the noun (e.g., pretty, expensive, delicious).

3. Size: Describes how big or small the noun is (e.g., small, big, tiny, enormous).

4. Age: Describes how young or old the noun is (e.g., young, old, ancient, new).

5. Shape: Describes what shape the noun is (e.g., round, square, flat).

6. Color: Describes what color the noun is (e.g., blue, pinkish, green).

7. Material: Describes what the noun is made of (e.g., wood, cotton, silver, metal).

8. Origin: Describes where the noun is from (e.g., American, eastern, lunar).

9. Purpose: Describes what the noun is used for or what it does (e.g., racing [as in racing car], sleeping [as in sleeping bag]).

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Test your knowledge of the order of adjectives with a quiz below!

Welcome to your The Order of Adjectives Quiz!

Rewrite the sentence filling in the blanks with 1. antique, 2. Chinese, and 3. beautiful in the correct order.
This is _____, _____, _____ china.
Rewrite the sentence filling in the blanks with 1. black, 2. leather, and 3. long in the correct order.
He always wears a _____, _____, _____ jacket.
Rewrite the sentence filling in the blanks with 1. Indian, 2. savory, and 3. triangular in the correct order.
Who ate my _____, _____, _____ Samosas?
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