The Order of Adjectives

When we use more than one adjective to describe a noun, we normally have to follow a specific order. Remember the order as NOSASCOMP or DOSASCOMP, Number-Opinion-Size-Age-Shape-Color-Origin-Material-Purpose or Determiner-Opinion-Size-Age-Shape-Color-Origin-Material-Purpose.

1. Number or Determiner: Articles and other limiters (e.g., a, your, the, five, her).

2. Opinion: Describes what is thought about the noun (e.g., pretty, expensive, delicious).

3. Size: Describes how big or small the noun is (e.g., small, big, tiny, enormous).

4. Age: Describes how young or old the noun is (e.g., young, old, ancient, new).

5. Shape: Describes what shape the noun is (e.g., round, square, flat).

6. Color: Describes what color the noun is (e.g., blue, pinkish, green).

7. Material: Describes what the noun is made of (e.g., wood, cotton, silver, metal).

8. Origin: Describes where the noun is from (e.g., American, eastern, lunar).

9. Purpose: Describes what the noun is used for or what it does (e.g., racing [as in racing car], sleeping [as in sleeping bag]).

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Please watch the two videos below to learn more.

Test your knowledge of the order of adjectives with a quiz below!

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