Grammar Lesson on Reported Speech

Reported Speech

Today’s lesson is on Reported Speech

Have you ever needed to tell a friend or coworker about something that someone said to you or someone else?

This is how to do it. 

We also use reported speech to talk about things said in a movie, book, and other texts. 


Reported speech is formed by removing any directly spoken words (in quotation marks) and stating the message as news.

Change verbs in the simple present to the simple past.


“Can you pass the salt?” she asked him.

Reported speech: She asked him to pass the salt.

If the sentence contains “don’t” then re-write it with “not” and add “to.”

“Don’t arrive late,” the teacher told the students.

Reported speech: The teacher told the students not to arrive late.

[qsm quiz=1]


Change each sentence to reported speech.

1. “The class is on Fridays,” I told him.

2. “Don’t go home,” she said.

3. “What’s your name?” he asked me.

Try our quiz below.


  1. I told him the class was on Fridays.
  2. She said not to go home.
  3. He asked me what my name was.
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