Create a Store & Phonics Carousel Activity

Our W0 weekend students created imaginary stores this time as a group project by giving prices and saying the hours of operation and whether or not the stores were having a sale. ‘Twas fun!

They also did a phonics carousel activity where groups had to think of words that start with cr, dr, tr, fr, fl, and cl. Can you come up with some words?

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One thought on “Create a Store & Phonics Carousel Activity

  1. Good ideas here, can never have enough activities in your teacher toolkit! I am a teacher, albeit on a year off!, and will be using this when i return to the classroom. If your interested i have a few games on my website ( free to download!! as well as some apps) although not going to change the world they work prettty well.
    Also if you havent tried, there is an app called teacher your monster to read that is exceptional, (it is not mine i wish it was though)

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