Bored or Boring?

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Time for some more grammar. This time, we’re looking at adjectives ending in -ed and -ing.

Adjectives describe nouns.

Many adjectives end in “ed” and “ing” – like bored and boring, excited and exciting, interesting and interested. But it’s sometimes confusing which form you should use.

Basically, you use adjectives ending in “ed” when describing how someone feels. So you should usually say “I’m bored” instead of “I’m boring,” “I’m confused” rather than “I’m confusing,” and “I’m tired,” not “I’m tiring.”

You use adjectives ending in “ing” when you describe something that causes the feeling. For example, “The movie was boring,” or “My English class is interesting,” or “The book was very exciting.”

Here’s a video which explains it further. After you watch the video, take the quiz to test your knowledge.

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