School Life Revisited

Class 2P also wrote about their school days. Read one below and take the quiz afterwards to test your understanding!

Cai Hong Huang

My Experience in School

My name is Cai Hong Huang. I graduated from No. 103 High School in Guangzhou, China. My favorite teacher was Miss Zhang. She was my music teacher. She was single and she was funny. My favorite subject was music and my least favorite subject was math. My three years in high school were very happy.

I had a best friend who was my classmate. Her name was Wen. She always helped me learn and we always ate lunch together. We were very close.

My high school was a famous tourism school in Guangzhou. We had internships at a hotel every year. I was very lucky because I was always assigned to the front desk. It was an important experience for my job.

I wore a uniform in my high school. It was a blue dress. I really liked it. I still have it. My high school had a small hotel in the school. Every student could pay to eat in the hotel. The food was very delicious. In my high school I learned a lot and got a lot of hotel experience.

After I finished high school I was very proud of myself. I worked at the China Hotel. I got a good position. I was a receptionist. I’m very thankful to my No. 103 Tourism High School in Guangzhou, China.

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