Lunar New Year Explained

Our computer class students put together a snazzy series of descriptions/explanations of Lunar New Year, often called Chinese New Year. Here’s one sample – and make sure to take the quiz afterwards to test your comprehension!

new year

Chinese New Year

Fen Fen Liang

Chinese New Year is important for Chinese people. For Chinese New Year, there are a lot of things to celebrate. Before New Year’s Eve, we usually clean the house seriously. This symbolizes throwing away bad things from the last year and greeting good things in the coming year. After we clean the house, we usually paste many spring festival scrolls on the wall, in front of the door or anywhere we want to paste them. The words on the spring festival scrolls are wishes. Spring festival scrolls are red; red means luck.

I usually have New Year’s Eve dinner with my family. I have a big family, so my mother makes a lot of food for the dinner. Before we start to have the New Year’s Eve Dinner, we need to pray. During dinner we talk about many things, about jobs, kids, studies, the last year, the coming year and so on. After dinner we set off firecrackers, and we play cards or mahjong. Children get red envelopes from their older, married relatives. Some adults give red envelopes to their elders also, like their father, mother, grandfather or grandmother.

Chinese New Year is interesting. One, two or more lions dance together. The lions are not real lions, they are people in costume. This costume is to throw out bad luck. When the lions are coming you need to give them candy, oranges, lettuce and red envelopes. Children like the lion dances, firecrackers and red envelopes.


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