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Miaoxuan Yang

Terrible Disinfectant

One day ten years ago, I was changing sheets for my mother-in-law, and put some disinfectant on the dresser. When I finished changing the sheets, I turned back to look at my daughter and she was looking at me and holding the disinfectant. She said, “Mom, why does this Coke have a different flavor?”

I was surprised. “Did you drink it?” I asked her. She nodded.

I was so frightened. I quickly got some water and had her drink it, then I called my husband. While my husband was coming home, I took my daughter outside to wait for him.

After ten minutes, we arrived at the hospital emergency room. The doctor checked my daughter’s eyes and asked her some questions. Then he had my daughter drink a bottle of water and throw up. After that, the doctor told me, “Your daughter just drank a little, not too much. Don’t worry. When you get back home, have her keep drinking more water. That will be good.”

After this incident, every time I use disinfectant it still has a shadow.


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