Hospitals, Doctors, and Health

Class 3C is at it again – this time with stories about health problems and going to the hospital. Here’s one example – and, as usual, when you’re finished reading, take the quiz to test your comprehension!

Pingting Guan

The First Time I Went to the Hospital in New York

One day, my husband and I went to the coast in order to walk for a while and he twisted his ankle. When we arrived at home, it still felt painful. He was very worried about his leg because his left leg was broken last year and he could not move for a long time. He dialed 911 one day later, and the ambulance came fifteen minutes later.

The paramedic working in the ambulance asked us for a lot of information before we were allowed to take the ambulance to the hospital. We saw many doctors and nurses when we arrived at the hospital. Three nurses asked us about my husband’s problem and then told us to wait.

We waited for a long time, and the doctor came. He asked us the same questions and said it was nothing serious. He was going to give us some medicine and let us go.  My husband said, “I’m still worried about my leg. The pain feels like the last time I broke it.  I would like to get an X-ray. May I?” My husband insisted on getting the X-ray for his right leg.

After the X-ray, the doctor said my husband’s right leg bone was fractured. So the doctor told the nurse to wrap the leg and give my husband crutches.

It was my first time to go to the hospital in New York. It was not the same as going to the hospital in my hometown.


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