School Daze Revisited

Class 3C recently penned some reminiscences of their elementary, middle, or high school days. Read one story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your undertsanding.

A Bad Word

Galyna Nyzhnyk

I went to an elementary school in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. I had a lot of classmates; there were 45 of us. We were funny and we liked to talk a lot.

One time we had a writing lesson. It was quiet in the class. Our teacher screamed at us if we spoke. Suddenly, one girl said very loudly, “I have a headache!” The teacher forbade talking during class, but at that time she never said anything to her because the teacher loved her. One of my classmates (his name was Taras) said loudly, “You sit on your ass and not on your head. Why do you have a headache?” The teacher wrote a letter to Taras’s parents and told them that Taras said a bad word.

The next day a famous writer came to our classroom. It was Taras’s father. His father brought some dictionaries and he proved that the word “ass” is a Ukrainian literary word.

We were happy!


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