Mirror, Mirror

Recently our Class W2 students looked in the mirror and wrote about what they saw. Read an example below and click here to read more.

Mei Jiao Rong  (Maggie)

I look in the mirror and I see a woman who is cheerful and sweet with brown eyes. She has short, black hair. She is from China, one of the Asian countries. Fish is her favorite food. She doesn’t like greasy food with lots of oil and fat. She likes to take a walk in the park with her family. She is a quiet and introverted girl. When she has time to relax, she is lazy at doing sports. Her interests are watching documentary videos and reading because she thinks that will open her eyes and give her a deep understanding of life itself. Now her desire is to learn English. That’s why she is so diligent even on weekends when everybody is taking a rest at home. I think it will help her to learn English more effectively if she watches more movies and practices oral English in her daily life. But now she has a big problem. She stays up late by playing her cell phone. As a result, she doesn’t get enough sleep and doesn’t have enough energy to learn English by herself. I think she had better go to sleep as early as possible and make a reasonable time-schedule for herself. She really needs to realize what’s more important in her life. She is a smart, flexible girl. I think she will accept my suggestion.

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One thought on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. I am so proud of my students. This was not an easy writing assignment but they all did a fine job! Congratulations W-2s!!!

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