My Secret New York

As promised, here’s Watson (P’Man) Sriboonwong’s story from the new Literacy Review. He’s in Professor June Foley’s Advanced Writing class which meets here on Fridays. The Literacy Review is an annual journal of writing from adult literacy programs throughout New York City. Edited by NYU Gallatin students, the book is distributed at a celebration that includes readings by the newly published writers. Read P’Man’s story below and take the quiz afterwards to test your understanding:

PMan 1



To read the complete Literacy Review, click here.

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2 thoughts on “My Secret New York

  1. In the summer my secret New York was South street seaport,but they had closed down few years ago.
    I Recalled that they had wooden lounge chairs on the deck.Many people was lied on the chairs,someone read the book, someone fell in sleep , someone drunk a cold beverge and someone used the camera took the pictures . I watched the white cloud and blue sky.A lot of seagall flew arond the sea.
    . Some boat on the sea and tranquil. The wind was breezed.It was so enjoyable. I felt very peace and comfortable.After that I went to the restaurant ate the seafood, Also shopped the stores.I miss that place too much.

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