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I Am Sorry, My Children

Lisa Szeto

One day, I bumped into a stranger passing by. “Oh, excuse me, please,” I said.

He answered, “Please excuse me, too. I wasn’t even watching for you.”

We were very polite. We said goodbye and went on our way. But when I came home, it was a different story.

Later that day, when I was cooking dinner, my son stood beside me. When I turned back, I knocked him down. “Move out of the way,” I said with an angry frown.

He walked away and was a little unhappy. I will never forget how he looked at me; I didn’t realize the harsh way I’d spoken. I was so angry with myself!

When I lay awake that night in bed, I heard a small voice come to my ears. You use common courtesy with a stranger, but not with the children you love. Why are you abusive towards your children? At this time, I felt very small and sad, and my tears began to fall. I remember when I was growing up, my mom never said sorry if she was mistaken and did something wrong. I felt very angry. (Many Chinese parents are very strict and always right; they never say, “I am sorry” to their children.)

I quietly went to my son’s bed. “Hey! Wake up, little boy William, wake up,” I said.

He was half asleep and looked at me. “Mom, what’s happening? I was sleeping,” he murmured.

I used a soft voice when I talked with William. I wanted to say, “I am very sorry, can you forgive your mom?” I hugged him and kissed his forehead. At this time, my tears streamed from my eyes.

But he just said, “Okay, okay, okay, Mom,” and turned back to continue to sleep.



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