Sick and Injured Revisited

Here’s another story from Class 1B about a couple accidents experienced by one of our students. When you’re finished, take the quiz to test your understanding.


Jimmy Wang


Thirty-seven years ago, I was playing around a pond outside, and I accidentally fell in. I drank a lot of water. I was scared to death. I couldn’t swim. At this time, my aunt was passing by and pulled me out of the pond. My stomach was so big. Later, my mom came and my mom and aunt took me to the hospital. The doctor told them, “Don’t worry. He is resting.”

I still remember one summer when I was twelve years old. I was running around outside and I accidentally fell into a large pit. I hit my head on a stone. I was bleeding a lot. I was scared silly. I didn’t know how it happened. My mother took me in her arms. She was crying.

I saw a man in white clothes with a needle in his hand. My mom wanted me to close my eyes. I touched my head and I opened my eyes to see what the doctor was doing to my head. I knew that he was stitching up my scalp. The man in white clothes scolded me. I cried and kicked. My mother held me tightly. I couldn’t move.

After half an hour, my mom said, “Yes, we will go home.” We couldn’t afford for me to stay in the hospital. There is still a big scar on my head.


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One thought on “Sick and Injured Revisited

  1. Wonderful writing! I can’t believe it is from one of the level 1 students! I wonder who is his teacher.

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