Project-Based Learning: Little Farms

Our E3 evening class recently completed a teamwork project. Read the project parameters, take a look at each farm, then let us know which group did the best job. You can vote and leave comments.


Project-Based Learning Activity: E3’s Little Farm

As toy factory employees, you must create a “Little Farm,” a high-quality toy product. The retail price for the handmade paper toy will be $19.99. Draw, color, and assemble a 2D or 3D (2 0r 3 dimensional) toy farm. This means each piece must have a front and back and be able to stand up. The toy farm must have:

– One red barn 10 inches long, 8 inches high, and 6 inches wide. It must have 4 windows and the barn doors should be open.

– Two black-and-white dairy cows, 6 inches long, standing 4 inches high.

– Two adult farmers, a male and a female, standing 6 inches tall, and three children, standing 4 inches tall.

– Three round straw baskets, each one 3 inches in diameter. One is yellow and 2 are brown.

– Two pink pigs 3 inches long and 2 inches high.

1. Create and assemble (put together) the project; use paper, crayons, scissors, tape, staples, matches, and a ruler.

2. Create a strategy (or plan) before you start working. Decide how best to use each person’s skills and talents to work on the project. For example: Who will be the team leader? Who has art skills? Who is a good organizer? Who writes neatly? Who is good with numbers or math?

3. Make sure each person has a responsibility. On a team, no one can just watch–everyone must do something.

4. Present to the class (when finished, how your team handled this activity. Discuss problems and solutions.

5. Speak in English, use creativity, and have fun!

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