Cheer Up Old Fellows!


Watch above and read below Pei Lin Yu’s poem from Immigrant Poets in New York:

Old Age

Pei Lin Yu

Time flies fast

From infancy to old age in a blink of an eye

Don’t cry about getting old

Don’t worry about unknown futures

Enjoy everyday of the rest of your life

Old age is called the golden age

Old age is the tree covered with colorful flowers

Old age is as beautiful as the sunset

Old age is full of knowledge and wisdom

Old age is the way to heaven

Cheer up

Cheer up old fellows!


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2 thoughts on “Cheer Up Old Fellows!

  1. “Old age is as beautiful as the sunset.” What a confidence poem ! I very like it !

    “夕阳无限好,只恨在黄昏。“ This is the famous Chinese poem. In English mean’s:

    “Magnificent sunset, and hate at dusk.”

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